Bobcat Trailers... old school tough.
Bobcat Trailers 

 Bumper Pull or Gooseneck Available.

Now a full 84" wide between fenders, STANDARD!!!

Let's face it. The world as we know it today would not exist quite the way it does without the venerable skid loader, or Bobcat, as we all lovingly call them. Sometimes, when it comes to moving these handy machines around, it pays to stay 'old school' and for those of you who really just need your trailer to do ONE job and this is to haul your skid loader 100% of the time, you just can't go wrong with a basic 18' dovetail in 9,990lb GVWR trim, removable fenders to make loading and unloading easier and a pair of rock solid ramps on the back to just drop and load on.

Built for local customer Paul Speck, this trailer is the hot ticket for trouble free, easy to maintain transport of a skid loader up to 8,500lbs. A full on 6" channel steel frame unit with super tight 14" cross member spacings, 2' of all steel dovetail for an overall length of 18' on the deck and two long, wide, strong bobcat ramps on the back. NOTE: For 2016, when you order the $650 9,990lb GVWR pack, you also get fully upgraded sealed and rubber mounted LED Lighting over the entire trailer at no extra charge.
As all $650 optioned 9,990lb GVWR pack units, this one comes with the nicer 8,000lb drop leg jack set back in the tongue, 2 5/16" coupler, breakaway system with battery and charger hidden inside the tongue, a bed front headache rack, multiple stake pockets, full rubber mount LED DOT lighting and more.... a LOT More.

Notice how the set back jack lets you have the room to drop a tailgate on your truck if needed? It's a nice touch, the heavy wall tube mount also insures that this jack and indeed handle a full load when unhooked.
along with all of the other cool features on this trailer, the two 5,200lb rated axles come in full on immersion ratings, which means that if they get wet, no problems! Plus, these are true EZ lube spindles which means you can fully service all of the wheel bearings on this trailer with no wheel removal and get it done in under 5 minutes! Load rated wheels and 8 ply rated 2540lb per tire rated steel belted radials are also included in the 9,990lb GVWR upgrade pack for a measly $750!

Need more room? Want to load and unload without tearing your fenders up? (Those tracks get pretty wide on the new units!) How about a pair of removable fenders (now in the stronger teardrop style std) for ONLY $200? Simple and easy to use... pop your fenders off in 5 seconds and put them back on just as fast!

Why the grab handles on top? Because you always inevitably just drove through a monster mud hole just before you realized that you needed to remove your fender! Easy to handle and keeps your paws cleaner too!

Here is a cool four photo shoot of how our bobcat ramps work. Easy to use, tough, wide, adjustable for width and you can flop them forward for low wind drag towing if needed... $250 for a set!

So, there you have it, a complete, completely legal and ready to go 9,990lb GVWR bobcat trailer in 16' bed length and additional 2' steel dovetail length that also has removable fenders... 

Want more muscle in your bobcat trailer and have the hitch? Why not opt up for a maxxed out 10k bobcat model in our Gooseneck Chassis?
This unit was custom built for Darrel Murphy of Coin, Iowa just to carry his skidloader and other equipment. the 18' deck plus 2' dovetail model was equipped with our bobcat ramps, 9,990lb GVWR package, LED lights, removable fenders, rub rails on the stake pockets and the 'obvious' gooseneck hitch all for around $5,200 as a new 2021 model version

No kidding!
Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 712 589 3100 and get towing in style for about $1000 LESS than you thought it would cost.

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