A 10,000lb winch installed for Only $795? Yep!

10K Electric winch $795!

New Models and Pricing!
Bed front winch mount plate installed on your trailer (You mount your own winch) $100
4,000lb electric winch mounted and wired $595
10,000lb electric winch mounted and wired $795
12,000lb electric winch mounted and wired $895
NEW!!!! .............. 16,000lb electric winch mounted and wired $995
20,000lb Pierce Brand Commercial Recovery Winch model... mounted and wired $2,395

So, you REALLY need a usable trailer that can do anything and you have always wanted a nice one with an electric winch... but the price!! (OY!)
Well, fear no more. I have been testing this exact winch on my trailer for two years and it has yet to fail me, no matter what i asked of it... a full 9,000lb capacity (Now 10,000lb at the SAME Price!) unit installed and ready to go for $795... Read on.

We've done some much volume the they dropped our prices!!!
10,000lb winch installed is only $795 now!
Yep... It's the best package we've been able to assemble. A complete unit, mounted on its own custom plate system, roller fairlead on it's own custom mount bracket, long cable with hook and corded remote, all for $795.
If you order it on one of our self powered E/T or G/T tilt models, we'll even wire it into the battery pack so it is powered up and ready to use from day one. But, we have a lot of people putting this on M/T tilts and HD flatbeds and running their own power cables to their tow vehicle or using a mobile battery to power it when they need it.

Either way, this is about $800 LESS than a system like this would have cost a few years ago!
Just like the photo above says! I bought one of these units to test a few years ago and have pulled some monster loads up on my 14k E/T tilt trailer with it. I have no complaints about how it works and i don't think you will either!

Have your own winch and just want a good place to mount it? We'll have your new trailer built with this neat winch prep kit, including the heavy service mount plate for $100

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