A complete 4,000lb electric winch system for $595 installed? Yes.

$595 4000lb Winch

Let's be realistic here.

Car Trailers sooner or later will haul a car that is not running in one way or another.
To buy a car trailer with no outlook toward winching something on or off the bed would be like buying a new gun without ever thinking about whether or not you'd need ammo to put in it.

So, we keep our eyes peeled for any great winch designs and offer them to you as a part of the entire trailer package.

We can do mechanical winches, and they work fine, but more and more people like power and ease of use, so electric winches are by far the biggest seller we have. 4,000lb winches are extremely affordable, but they come with a caviat... they are not really all that monsterously big. If you KNOW you're going to be winching on a lot of full size cars and trucks, the extra $200 to jump up to the 10,000lb winch is probably some of the smartest money you can spend. I can pick up a 4,000lb winch in one hand... 10,000lb winch? No way.. it is seriously stout, so you can depend on it doing some seriously stout work.

My opinion? Get an E/T Tilt (since they are the slickest possible way in the entire world to load and unload anything anyway) as it will already have an onboard battery pack, then add on the 10,000lb winch feature for $795 and you are set. It will be like having your very own professional towing rig at your disposal day and night... and that comes in handy.

Check out this video of me loading a '57 Chevy with the front wheels rusted in the locked up position with my old 20' E/T Tilt and a 10,000lb winch. It just doesn't get much easier... ever.

Now... here are your winch options.

Pretty well anything short of a diesel skid-loader or something with tracks on it and be pulled up a 10 degree incline with 4,000lbs of force. Personally, I was tickled when we negotiated our way down to $795 for the 10,000lb winch, but some guys have to stick to a budget, yet our two mechanical winch options sound too labor intensive.

I get it... I can be somewhat frugal (anyone who's seen my office knows that I don't dump a whole lot of money into decor) yet, I also hate breaking any kind of a serious sweat while doing something, so I can relate.

In that vein, I offer you the following option.
A 4,000lb electric winch with roller fairlead
12' two way cable remote
40' cable and latch hook
Bed front winch mount plate installed on your custom ordered trailer
AND...either we wire it up to a trailer we build with a battery already on it (our E/T or G/T's)
OR... you can figure out how to power it up when you get home.
Here's a shot of one mounted on our friend Rex's trailer to give you a better idea.

Want your M/T tilt with this winch installed AND a complete 750 amp hour battery wired up to the + pin on your trucks tow plug so your alternator can do the charging while you tow?
NO problem... just add on another $300. This will add the battery, a box for the battery and all wiring to run the winch and allow your tow vehicle to charge the battery via your trucks 'accessory circuit' plug.

Still need something else? We'll be glad to scratch our heads and intimidate our suppliers for you, just give us a call.

Craig and Melissa
712 589 3100
email: office@hulltrailers.com

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